Friday, May 27, 2005

Obscurantist Language

The text of an email sent to KARE 11 News.

Regarding your report on the death of Matt Lourey at 5:00, why do you persist in using the word "insurgents"? At their very worst they are terror committing, murdering killers. If you refuse to committ your moral sense to the word terrorist, (notice the lack of scare quotes), might you at the very least use the words the enemy? The enemy of whom or what? Civilization as we know it; self-determination in Iraq for the Iraqis; and the furthering of freely chosen governments we see emerging in Lebanon, Kuwait (recent women's sufferage) and events in other once Soviet dominated states, Kyrgistan, Uzbeckistan et. al. Our own Revolutionary War forebears were not terorists, but might, not unfairly, have been described as insurgents. How many car bombs must be exploded in Iraqi marketplaces until you abandon the subterfuge of this term and arrive at the truth of these killer's lineage, which stretches back to the Aztec's top of the temple heart-cutting out blood rites? They are terrorists engaged in a blood cult, fueled by a horrible mutant translation of Islam. If they explode a school bus outside a charter school in Saint Paul, will you finally give them their right name? Why the treading gently around these butchers who give mad dogs a good name?

I'll let you know should they reply. Do not hold your breaths.

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