Wednesday, May 25, 2005


The soldier wears his values on straight from the Greeks. Patriotism, from the Greek patrios, of one's fathers. Did your mind just shudder, slightly? Father's? Shuddering is a symptom of the disease toxus patria detestus. Caused by a family of pathogens, including feministas disabusis veritas, democraticus sophistria disabusis veritas, var. Kennedias, Bidenasis, Reidiacus et. al. , all display similar effects. Some infections are especially virulent; for example primarias medias dinosaurus may be terminal. Besides shudders, symptoms include odd verbal malaprops, confusing chalk and cheese, lightning with lightning bug, and, indicative of the deepest infection, confusing acts of perfidy with acts of courage, and patria.

Examples of the infection surround us, and I needn't elaborate here. Thankfully, a reinvigorated band of medicines, also from the Greeks, among them the 4th ID-Athenian Hoplites, the Leonidas-Marine regiments, and many individual innoculations, are slowly reversing the spread.

A terrific indivdual innoculation: Major K , This We'll Defend.

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