Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"...on both your Houses!"

Another poll shows journalists driving towards new lows of respect and trust. (Jimmy Carter must be cheering them on; it's lonely at the bottom.) Major K, in his post about Newsweek, Freedom of Slander, engages them all with direct fire:

I believe in freedom of the press, but I also have a healthy respect for the truth, and do not believe that the first amendment provides a license to commit slander. But hey, if it sells magazines, who cares? - right? The Washington Bureau Chief issued the weakest excuse for an apology that I have seen in some time. It is another round of "It's not my fault. Don't blame me:

Newsweek's Washington bureau chief, Dan Klaidman, said the apparent error was "terribly unfortunate," and he offered the magazine's sympathies to the victims.


What is "terribly unfortunate" (nice spin) is that this garbage is actually actually considered journalism.

The damage done to our troops by the halfwit, lightweights would shame an honest man. I guess that for journalist's, that is not a "commonly held ethical standard".

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