Thursday, June 30, 2005

Clap Trap

"Yes, the applause for the Almighty was thunderous, but we must point out it was started by the Angels. And He talked about that 'war against heaven', and towers falling. Shameful."-Beelzebub Scripted Pressply News

"Row after row sat on their hands. Silence. Now we see the truth about the so called war in heaven. And He calls us, 'Hell's Minions.' "-Daily Guardian Deceiver

"Where were the Archangels? Off fighting somewhere eh? Or hidden away, conveniently? This Almighty has no plans for his so called creatures."-SF Hellsgate Chronicles

"No we see who is truly malicious! Not even the Legions of the Good and True disguise their disdain for the failures of this Deity. Rant and Rave on Demonias Doorbain!"-Demon's Daily Bloody Sickle

Dumbest Story Ever-Captain's Quarters

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