Thursday, June 30, 2005

All Gave Some, Some Gave All.

Following up to Matt at Blackfive's post, Remedy, I've sent an email to Senator Durbin. Who will pick one or two of our various representatives, Senators, congressmen (media types, journalists) et. al. and continue to send emails? There are enough bloggers to do this. Think of it as a better use of Amnesty International's prisoners of conscience approach to letter writing. An attempt to awaken the consciences of those who should be the pinnacle of leadership in the defense of Liberty, but have regressed to "weasels fighting in a hole". (See Yeats.) Diatribe and clever invective appeals only to our pat-myself-on-the-back, see how I am, I skewered that dustbin. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa. We cannot awaken the lost by stoking our narcissism. Like it or not, the Pelosis and Deans, Kuccinichs and Kennedys, are our countrymen. with them we share the common refrains of Lexington, and Concord, Little Round Top and the Argonne, Tarawa and Hurtgen, Frozen Chosin and Inchon,The Hill Fights and Ia Drang, Grenada and Panama, Deseert Storm and Desert Shield, Afghanistan and Iraq, and the gut rip of September 11th. All occasions where our vigilant, valiant warrior class rose the causes of the oppressed and the Defense of Liberty. "As our cause is new, so must our case be new." We must rise to the difficulty of re-igniting the Flame of Liberty in our fellows, in too many of whom, that flame has gone out. It will require an overcoming love, an unselfish willingness to put aside scoring points and making scores. Points are easy. Changing hearts...there's a challenge. Difficult? Yes. As difficult as being shot at, in 105 degree heat, carrying 40 pounds of gear and some 24 pounds of body armor? By comparison a cinch! What about those with the unchanging hearts? The Marines will deal them a violent finality. That email:

Senator Durbin, If you have the spittle for it, you could honorably rise above the recent horrible unpleasantness you caused our soldiers comparing them to murders and butchers. (I can feel you equivocating from here, stop it!) For good or ill, the spotlight is on you. This is your chance to rise in the esteem of the American people. However you must be willing to take the risk of losing your reputation among your friends, and do what is right. In a genuine apology one admits cupability, intention and error. Here is a sample I've written: "I was stupid and wrong. American soldiers are the defenders of liberty and justice, and only my political blindness can excuse my terrible blunder and inexcusable smear. I humbly beg your forgiveness." That would be an apology. Immediately...immediately!! you should come to the defense of the war effort. If serious Roosevelt haters could put aside their feelings, surely you can do the same. (If President Clinton had gone full bore after the bastards in 1993, I know I would have put aside my disdain of his faults. I was even young enough to re-enlist then.) For such a declaration from you to be genuine, you must put aside all thought of self, personal gain, political advantage and machination. Doing the right thing is its own reward. And as there are no other Democrats speaking this truth right now, you would get the spotlight again. Spotlights are two-edged, adulation from those attracted to the light bring those attracted by blood. Humility deflects the temptation. A genuine response? "It's the least I can do to give some, some are giving all." It's the right thing to do. The country needs leadership; your party needs leadership. Choose this day your course.

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