Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Gitmo Roulette: Place your bets.

Let's engage in some speculation about the cheery and pious killers under lock, key, and Gideon Koran in the nightstand drawer. Aside from hurling shite at the men guarding them, overlooking the zeal with which their pals in Afghanistan killed Mike Spahn, putting aside the outrage we all feel at the kind treatment they are receiving...do they know anything we might like to learn?

Planning for the September 11th attacks took about three years. Are there any plans close to hatching this summer, begun in, say, 2001? Place your bets. Suppose there is a wisp of a whisper of a plan to detonate New Orleans. Following this whisper leads to an imprisoned terrorist in the Phillipines whose cousin was part of the planning for the Bali bombings, where the 200 Australian dead were not 'good on ya mate'. This leads to another name, a Syrian held under the kind treatment of the Afghans, whose months long chats lead to Pakistan. You know Pakistan. Where we caught what's his name, (sorry) in his underwear at 3AM. The Pakistanis point us to strange goings on in the Stans, Uzbecki-, Kyrgi- and all other -stans except Laurel. (He is an idiot Senator, "You must be a Senator", in MA.) Here we get cold on the trail of two missing warheads from a Soviet SS-18 missile. Now what to do...?

Go back to Cuba and torture...uh, turn off the air conditioner. Farfetched...? Place your bets.
I'd bet the truth is far more labyrinthine, and the magnitude of the threat more horrifying and sobering than we want to know. The terrorists are like the alien in the wretched movie Independence Day, and the Dhims, Deaniancs, Durbinites, Laurels, Pravdas and Isvestias et. al. like the security adviser in the film. "What do you want from us?", he said. The alien: "We want you to die".

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