Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Um, that would be "air conditioned" hell hole.

Mitch Berg, (nice shootin' Mitch-Jimmy Stewart, Destry Rides Again) at Shot in the Dark puts the Star & Sickle's editorial on the firing line, and hits the center ring, 20 for 20. (Hmm, maybe Gary Cooper, Sergeant York.)

Mitch, Confederacy of Dunce Editors: "Fisking a Star-Tribune editorial is a lot like watching professional wrestling. The lines are all basically the same, whoever says them and whatever they're said about. One the battle starts, you pretty much see the same moves, the same grimaces, the same throws and tackles and jumps off the turnbuckle every time.
The difference is with wrestling, you know it's fake. With the Strib, you know someone actually believes it. "

You needn't hear from me read it for yourself.

But I have a question for the Strib. If Guantanamo is a "hell hole", what are those large holes in Manhattan?

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