Monday, June 20, 2005

Trolls, Moonbats, Loonies, Deaniacs, Durbinites.

Dick Durbin's swill has been passed about the blogosphere sufficiently that I needn't open the quotes and offer you another sniff. Someone in comments at American Digest had oh, so tender concerns for those without conscience suffering with out air conditioning in Cuba.

I do not believe him. Or any other of the trolls, moodbats, loonies, Deaniacs or Durbinites. Western civilization is at war with the Islamofascists. The Durbinites, Deaniacs, Dhims et. al. are at war with the President. With Evangelicals. Even with Catholics. Nothing anyone can say to a troll will be convincing. NO words will change the mind of loonies and moonbats. They move from obstruction to denial to obfuscation to name calling. Eventually I suspect and fear they will move to violence, as the enviro-terrorists have. They would rather see themselves right, and the President, Defense Secretary, Vice-President et. al. humbled, brought low, defeated, cast from office in disgrace, than commit to the common defense. The common enemy of humanity is tyranny, now dressed in black, wielding dull knives and video cameras, hoping for the arrival of anthrax and isotopes. And the lost left quickly, eagerly and willingly believes any slander upon this country and its warrior caste , because to oppose the terrorists they must support a political constituency they despise. They are siding with the death eaters.

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