Monday, July 18, 2005

Reading Mark Steyn: Sleepers Awake!

The always spot-on Mark Steyn from The Chicago Sun Times:

Here's the thing: They're still pulling body parts from London's Tube tunnels. Too far away for you? No local angle? OK, how about this? Magdy el-Nashar. He's a 33-year old Egyptian arrested Friday morning in Cairo, and thought to be what they call a ''little emir''...

"So this time round he blew up London rather than Washington. Next time, who knows? Who cares? Here's another fellow you don't read much about in America: Kamel Bourgass. He had a plan to unleash ricin in London..."

"Kamel Bourgass and Magdy el-Nashar are real people, not phantoms conjured by those lyin' sonsofbitches Bush and Cheney. And to those who say, "but that's why Iraq is a distraction from the war on terror," sorry, it doesn't work like that. It's not either/or; it's a string of connections: unlimited Saudi money, Westernized Islamist fanatics, supportive terrorist states, proliferating nuclear technology. One day it all comes together and there goes the neighborhood..."

Are you awake yet?

Where I'm sitting it is 0507. That's 5:07 AM to you. Drinking coffee. If I remember correctly, that would be 1307 Zulu. Are you an Angel? Do you know where your Soldier is?

Do you know what time it is in Casablanca? "I wonder what time it is in America. Are they all asleep?"

Aside: Yes there is an irony in the title. Will they be Bach's or Faust's?

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