Saturday, August 06, 2005

ABC, Nightline, Murdered Children, & Mengele

There is something dirty about Nightline showing the interview with the Chechen Beslan child murderer.

There is something dirty about ABC pursuing this interview.

Looking for news with a proud-of-it child murderer is like looking for medical breakthroughs among Josef Mengele's Nazi medical experiments. It may be there, but you'll have to crawl through lots of vivisected bodies and bloody children to find it.

Ted Koppel illustrates his journey with this snapshot: ""Freedom of speech is never an issue when a popular person expresses an acceptable point of view. It is of real value only because it guarantees us access to the unpopular espousing the unacceptable. Then we can reject or accept it, condemn it or embrace it. No one should have the authority to make that decision for us. Not our own government; and certainly not somebody else's."

Child murder is a "point of view"? You have embraced murder and murderers Teddy.
Yes, you have certainly made your "choice".

Are journalists' feelings surgically removed? Are their guts forever anesthetized ? As a requisite of employment? Any decent person, much less any doctor, would shrink with revulsion at the Nazi "medical research". Add this to the definition of journalist: "One proudly above all human decency."

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