Saturday, August 06, 2005

Tony Blair Drops Clamp Down the Veil

"He warned judges that if they continued to prevent the deportation of extremists, he would amend the Human Rights Act. Most of the proposals, including new grounds for deportation, can be implemented without legislation. "

"Dozens of Islamic extremists face deportation this autumn in a surprisingly draconian clampdown which has shattered the cross-party consensus after the London bombings."

"As the measures were unveiled, the Bank of England said that it had frozen the bank accounts of the four men held on suspicion of being the July 21 bombers, amid allegations that they had collected more than £500,000 in benefits."

How is a clampdown unveiled? Clampdowns are noisy, I know. I use clamps everyday, pipe clamps. Drop one of those babies on the floor or have it fall from the racks onto your head-the swearing and clatters pierce the veil everytime. "As the clampdown hit the concrete floor, custom ordered with a smooth polish to facilitate sliding with ease the large cabinets resting on plywood skids, these nailed into place with cheap, made in China #6 box nails, prone to bending at the slightest errant tap with the machinist's ball pein hammer he preferred for its light weight and pleasant patina of it faceted oak handle, the slick floor shot the heavy clamp against the ankle bone of his helper, Dave. He yelped with a surprisingly draconian rattle in his throat, and the quiet peace of the modern cabinet/fixture shop, with its constant whoosh from the enormous central dust collection system, a sort of built-in home vacuum fed by six and eight inch galvanized ductwork into a dumpster-sized, outdoor dust hopper; the overpressure sound ofthe return air, channeled into a forty foot long nylon tube/bag, suspended overhead like an elongated, fish swim bladder, joined the ongoing whir from the centrally located edge-banding machine, whose vibration seemed like a blender forever running at an 11,000 RPM frappe; plus the dull,droning bass of the point-to-point, its overhead router-like motor, tracking and moving with mechanical articulation, as, simultaneously, with Borg-like efficiency, it bored rows of holes for shelf clips, dados and grooves for partitions and backs, rounded out square ports for access panels where wiring for under-cabinet lights would live, its own wiring wrapped and protected in flexible urethane-plastic treads, looking like a child's caterpillar tractor treads, the same vehicle that Rachel Corrie's last memory on earth.... and the beam saw, equipped with rows of overhead clamps to hold firmly in place stacks of plywood as its fourteen inch circular saw blade rose from beneath the twelve by fourteen foot platform, speckled with tiny embedded spheres, from where an air flow constantly emerged to ease the movement of the heavy plywood stacks the operator had to press firmly against the stops for the great machine to cut with l/32nd inch precision; all this, and the random, off and on whine from individuals trimming the edges of plastic laminate with hand held routers...this peace was shattered..."

The shattering was unveiled by the July 21st bombers. And the July 7th bombers. And the March 3rd bombers. And all the other bombers, murderers, fanatics and death cult Jihadists.

"His proposals will trigger fresh battles with the courts, which have ruled previous anti-terrorism laws illegal and have stopped deportations to countries where people could face inhumane treatment. "

"Charles Kennedy, the Liberal Democrat leader, who was informed of the measures only 30 minutes before they were announced, told the Prime Minister not to count on his party’s support. He said that they risked 'inflaming tensions and alienating Muslims' when the country needed all communities to pull together. "

The Judges and Liberal Democrats had best hear beyond the constant background noise of "civil liberties groups" and worries that the gentle souls of deported pretending-to- be-English Muslims might "face inhumane treatment", or that clampdowns will "inflame tensions and alienat(e) Muslims." Tensions have been well inflamed for some time, and Mulims are doing a damn good job of alienating themselves by embracing perfidy as theology, pronouncing death sentences on all of western civilization via their Sony video cameras while blowing up innocents using their Nokia and Samsung cell phones as they try to murder their way back to the pre-electrical, pre-aspirin, pre-toothpaste, pre-frozen food, pre-clean,piped in drinking water, pre-piped out sewage paradise of the 7th century. Well, what's it gonna be? Eyes closed and veiled inaction or clampdown?

“Let no one be in any doubt, the rules of the game are changing,” the Prime Minister said.

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