Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Eighth Notes, 4.10.06

Weather Prayers

Although I did not see the first letters about prayers for warmer temperatures and lowered heating costs etc., the subsequent low-pressure ridicule aimed at Believers in a Christian God from the followers of Gaia, are foul weather words. Excepting Patton’s orders for a weather prayer “That we might smite our enemies”, (did it happen in history or just Hollywood), praying for warmer weather oughtn’t rile up the Gaia-ites to such inclement comments. Mostly cloudy mockery, even light rain satire, fine. But sleet and driving rain from worshippers at the Church of The Most Divine Gaia… what has become of their obedience to Catechism, The Proclamation of Diversity &Tolerance? Blown away by a few days of 35-degree temperatures and some weather prayers? What blows in with the next front, if the temperatures climb above 40, a stormy Recitation Concerning the Proper Length of Beards?

John Lesch, Human Shield

John Lesch failed as a human shield on his recent, quick trip to Iraq. So he's off to Europe. As another cartoon?
Update from Saturday: Rep. Lesch might get a hold of Sean Penn. Sean Penn could play Lesch in his film, Rowboats in the Desert. And Rep. Lesch could play Sean's stunt double in the TV series, Surviving Without Common Sense-One American's Struggle.

Outwitting the Offended

Since the purity of those in Europe skillfully hiding behind the name of Islam, and the Prophet Mohammed, while they engage in murder and mayhem can be upset with a few scribbles I suggest this. Remove the pictures of Ulysses Grant and Ben Franklin from the $50 & $100 bills, and replace them with pictures of the Prophet. What will they set fire to after that? Perhaps the Nokia people could be encouraged to adopt Elmer Fudd as their corporate logo. And the Lego company go with Piglet.

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