Monday, February 13, 2006

From the Home, House Front

Briefly. Progress is being made. Al Queda has been cemented over in the basement, smoothed out to a nice gray, and only one drain was covered over by mistake. The fingernail-thin bit of concrete was easily ripped away. Take that, harvarti haters! To better sweat confesssions from the bomb-turbanites, our furnace has been installed. (Finally the word stall means progress.) In a miracle of precision bombing, the perimeter of the rim joist was foam insulated with no collateral overspray whatsoever. And the studs are neatly coated with plastic sheeting to keep the itchy fiberglass where it belongs, between the shrouds of the bomb-turbanites and their skin. Well before the snows came, long before records were kept, shingles covered the house and garage roof. I'm really glad we beat the global cooling there! And just yesterday I covered half the house in Menard-vek. Like Tyvek, except sexist because...well, look at those first three lettters.

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