Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mere Words

This is a picture of Arthur "Arkansas" Hunnicutt. Or is it? How do you know it is who I say it is? Do you recognize his face? Perhaps you trust my word. Why?

Would you believe me if I said, "This is a photo of Davy Crockett?" Probably not. Because you know there are no photos of Davy Crockett? Even though there are no photos of Davy Crockett, couldn't it be him, because it looks like him? What if I said "This is a picture of Fess Parker, looking like Davy Crockett dressed up as Arthur Hunnicutt? Or a picture of the Prophet dressed up as Arthur Hunnicutt, playing Davy Crockett? Assertions morph into absurdity. You understand, of course where I am going with this. I'll ask it straight out. How did anyone in the streets of Pakistan presently setting fire to banks, KFC's and MacDonalds know the scribbled faces in the cartoons were the Prophet? (Set aside for the time the fact that these are contrived riots. The manipulation of the ignorant by the Islamist grievance professionals. Does anyone doubt an ideological kinship between Islamist lunatics and progressive lunatics?) These questions will never be asked in Pakistan, but I wish they would be asked in Illinois or St. Paul.

To continue to suppose or hope the large media outlets of either the press or Hollywood will come to their senses, understand the information war being waged upon us includes them, seems futile. Witness the Washington press corps' birdshot bickering and the films Hollywood's currently worhipping. (What film germane to the time appears on the Oscars list?) That once intelligent institutions continue to be so insular and parochial as to believe the greatest danger to this country is the current "Republican regime" would be laughable were the Republic not in grave peril. The flames of the cartoon conflagration seem likely to begin consuming entire countries. The phony cartoons were mere tinder. Among others, (Rush Limbaugh, Gerard vanderluen), I also think our only hope for unity might be more attacks upon the country. What scares me even more is the thought that further attacks will only drive the crazy into a deeper, more lunatic denial. God help us.

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