Wednesday, February 15, 2006

White Mice & the Offended

Such and such causes cancer in white mice. In laboratory tests, white mice were fourd to have elevated levels of...Proto-enziomase bi-diurnal exposure to low to moderate dosages of half and half, produced dangerous reaction in the brain cells of white mice... Everything causes cancer in white mice. White mice cause cancer in white mice.

In the parallel dimension of the Muslim world, as seen on TV at any rate, Valentines offend the feelings of Moo-slims, cartoons& phony cartoons offend the feelings of Moo-slims, chalk & cheese, lightning & lightning bugs offend the feelings of Moo-slims, apparently everything offends the feelings of Moo-slims. Touchy bastards. Get over it. You invented algebra and the zero. Created the international star registry about 900 years ago, (Bertelguese, Aldeberan, Rigel ) Built the Alhambra. Ddid great interior design work. What the hell happened? You guys have been worse than the Progressives lately. They're always outraged about something or another. Your feelings are constantly being offended. Why don't t he two of you get together and duke it out? The loser has to shut up, and the winner goes home to either study algebra or catch up on Socrates & Plato.

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