Wednesday, February 15, 2006

...wretched hive of scum & villainy

Solomonia reports on a talk by Kenneth Timmerman entitled "The Coming Nuclear Crisis with Iran" and sponsored by The David Project, CJP and the local JCRC. Timmerman's most recent book is Countdown to Crisis : The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran. (snip)

He certainly paints a bleak picture. One, he believes there is no difference between "moderates" like Rafsanjani and "nuts" (my word) like Ahmadinejad -- one is simply more overt about his goals. From that perspective, in fact, Ahmadinejad is a better person to have in power, since he makes denial far more difficult to indulge in. Timmerman believes that Iran is close enough that they will stage some sort of demonstration of their capabilities within the next few months -- possibly up to and including a test explosion. (snip)
His suggestions: 1) Empower the Iranian people. 2) Delegitamize the regime. 3) Work with non-violent foes of the regime. He was quite adamant that the groups be non-violent so that that will be the nature of the regime we help put in power -- very wise advice in my view. 4) Isolate the regime politically. 5) Cripple them economically. 6) Drive a wedge between the government and the people.
We will need to go through "the kabuki dance" of the UN, but if the UN can't deal with this "clear and present danger"...then maybe the UN has no reason to exist.

Now can we question the necessity of the UN? A country with the world's fourth largest oil reserves needs nuclear power to make up for the natural gas they burn off at the wellheads? Still make cities from dried blocks of dust, but refused the Israel's help in the earthquake, "Our people would rather die than borrow your lawnmower" and whose leader, (yeah, like NPR calls Saddam, the 'deposed leader'), Almondhead, yearns for a molten ascension of the world into a temperatures at the surface of the sun-golden age, everyone just please get out of the way, especially those guys to our east, sounds too much like that story which began, "And I saw a beast ..."

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