Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Men? Men are weak."

Why didn't I say anything about Dean Johnson's motivation? It would be pointless. Our capacity to fool ourselves is beyond price; we hear what we tell ourselves superbly well. What other tell us...we easily cough away. The still small voice is meant to be listened to beneath the din, not above it. The urge to discover the impulse for slip ups, failures, dissemblings, side slips, back pedals, and any of the other thousand natural perils creeps toward intimacy with justification. Perdition lives nearby.

Common failings are common because they are widespread. The impulse toward the heroic, self sacrifice, selflessness, the uncommon, 'splain these to me. To understand the reasons behind Dean Johnson's behavior needs only a mirror into our hearts and the courage to look in. Had Dean Johnson looked into his, reporting what he had seen, that would have been an act of courage worth imitating. We'd have all been braced by his courage. Isn't that the meaning of leadership?

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