Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"I'm Sorry, So Sorry", Redemption Deferred

What Dean Johnson said: "I apologize to you for the inaccurate statement, which I made in a meeting with pastors in January," Johnson said in a rare act of contrition on the Senate floor. "I regret the statement I made, I have apologized outside this forum earlier, and today I apologize to this body, my constituents and the people of Minnesota."
"I have at no time received any commitments regarding potential judicial decisions from any member of the Minnesota Supreme Court," he told his Senate colleagues.
"I have learned from this experience, and I suspect the rest of us have as well," Johnson said. "This has been a difficult experience; I appreciate the support of my caucus, my constituents and my friends, and I look forward to working with all members to address the important public policy issues which remain on our agenda for this session. I thank you for your respectful consideration."

What he should have said. “I’m sorry. I screwed up royally and big time. I besmirched the character of Minnesota’s Supreme Court, attributing to them things they did not say, and would not say. I apologize. Furthermore, I intimated positions to the Pastors, which were not true. I apologize. Politics is many things; I’m sorry I included my recent behavior as an example of acceptable politics. It is not.
I am well aware that my behavior calls my character into question. Beyond apologizing, there is little else for me to do to remedy the questions I raise in my supporters, and the people of Minnesota. I promise you this will not happen again. If my career suffers because of this, so be it. A man’s character should be more important than his career. The former sacrificed to further the latter leads to perdition. I am grateful to avoid that end. Thank you for your time.”
He had a chance for redemption. It grieves me he did not take it. His reputation’s become a case of restaurant food poisoning. Once sickened, no one goes back a second time.

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