Saturday, March 25, 2006

Peacing Contests

“Creating the Insecurity”. So says the CPT, (Christian spiritual-Pride Team), having peacing contests with their rescuers. Have they forgotten greater love hath no man? Was their T-shirt dealer out of that slogan- “Sorry, unavailable. Dropped from inventory due to lack of demand.” When they go back, why bother with the, “If we are kidnapped, don’t rescue us” scripture? ( Nihilist-Pacifist Bible, chapter 2, verse 3.) Dress in sackcloth and targets, and carry large signs, “We’re better than everyone. Kidnap us.”

Thank God that none of the rescuing British, Canadians or Americans soldiers were killed. 10,000 pompous CPT contestants, rescued from their own stupidity, are not worthy to unlace the shoelace on a single soldier’s boot.“Greater ingratitude hath no man than he whose idiotic posturing caused the death of a peacemaker”. I’d wear that T-shirt. But at the cost of a soldier, the price is too dear.

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