Friday, April 14, 2006

Facts are Stubborn Things

From the website of Vets for Freedom:

Iraq Progress Facts
What kind of progress is really being made in Iraq?

- Since April 2003, Iraq has registered more than 30,000 new businesses, and its stock market (established in April 2004) currently lists nearly 90 companies with an average daily trading volume over $100 million (from January to May 2005), up from an average of $86 million in 2004.
- According to a September poll by Zogby International for the Center for International Private Enterprise, 77 percent of Iraqi businesses anticipate growth in the national economy over the next two years and 69 percent of respondents describe themselves as being “optimistic” about Iraq's economic future.
- Today in Iraq there are more than 3 million personal cell phone subscribers. In 2003 there were virtually none.
- In The January 2005 Elections, approximately 130,000 Iraqi Security Forces Secured the polling sites. In the December 15, 2005 Elections, 225,000 Iraqi Security Forces secured the polling sites.
- In the December 16, 2005 parliamentary elections, 11 million Iraqis were estimated to have voted, a turnout of about 70% (this is higher than U.S. turnout for the 2004 Presidential Election, which was the highest in decades at 60%).
- 17 of the 109 former Iraqi bases used by coalition troops since the 2003 invasion had been transferred to Iraqi command, while 30 have been shut down.
- Approximately 50% of the combat operations currently being conducted in Iraq are combined coalition and Iraqi Security Force Operations, 21% are independent Iraqi Security Force Operations. Iraqis are taking on a consistently increasing responsibility in the security of their country.
You did not read this in the "What was that flash of light in the sky?"dinosaur media. Cling to slogans or face facts. Choice, right?

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