Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Immigrants are Not

The 'Immigrants' are not immigrants. We don't have one word to describe them. Just a string of words like a made up German word, Schnitzelstuffinzipstermeister. They are people-who-sneak-across-the-border-because-they-can, it's-easy-to-do, no-one-will-stop-you-or-chase-you, the-jobs-pay-way-better-than-the-shithole-country-we've-escaped-from-but-whose-flags-we-wave-now-to-get-on-television. Except not funny. Without borders what is a country? I'd love to live with my door unlocked. But I can't trust everyone. One person has ruined that trust for us all, a single counterfeit no-character person. The zipstermeisters do not have rights. Citizens have rights. They are not citizens.

Thursday, 04.12.06. And furthermore! They do not have a right to disobey American laws.

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