Saturday, April 08, 2006

NBC: "God Lied!"

NBC Dateline: God Lied, Jesus Didn’t Die, Get Over It You Schmucks”. (Stay tuned to see how well we're doing with faith in our pretty faces.)

The mystery of 'The Jesus Papers'
Well, what if? And so what? Dateline promotes foolish books. NBC, (the Narcissists Baiting Christianity network) promotes bad movies. And their one-hour broadcast will bring down the entire edifice, twenty centuries of Christian conviction? Hamlet’s eggshell. Faith does not crumple so easily.
Sara James, Dateline correspondent: You believe that much of what we think we know about Jesus is a lie?
Michael Baigent, author: It’s a lie. It’s an obvious lie.
Hard to imagine? Author Michael Baigent has captured readers’ imaginations before with a provocative non-fiction work in which he claimed Jesus was married. Some of the same ideas appear in “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. In fact, he sued Brown’s publisher for copyright infringement. Brown and his publisher strongly deny they did anything wrong. A decision is pending in the case.
Kerry Hogan, Smoothing Plane, howling with laughter at them both:
No, easy to imagine. What’s harder to imagine is anyone believing these “ideas”. What ideas? Where do they learn to write like this? If words had lawyers they would, in fact, sue Dateline for twists, torture and post hoc definition infringement. I have ideas. Some of my ideas probably appear in The Da Vinci Code. I haven’t read it, but so what? Provocate this idea! Dateline’s producers are The Mole People. But the real powers beneath the dirt are the evil Keebler Elves from the Simpson’s. This is a lie, an obvious lie. My derision for Dateline is unending. But I haven’t done anything wrong. No one will believe what I say about the Mole People. I don’t have a book to sell, or a movie to promote. But I do have eleven fragments of the True Cross, purchased on eBay, three of Mary Magdalene’s eye lashes, and a downloadable recording, in English, (Jesus did not speak Aramaic, another lie), of Jesus saying, “Father forgive them, they know nothing”.
(I have to exit stage ' painting more of the house'. Back later with more The Truth about Jesus, Hint: it was the water.)

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