Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hurting Troop Morale.

Almost any Technorati search will dredge up strange blogs, wee lefty lands of drool and drivel. The support the troops, bring them home, all is lost legions of quitters. Let me reiterate a point. All servicemen and women are volunteers. They volunteered to serve. The bring them home, they are are getting killed clowns don't give two rats asses about any damn thing except their own precious feelings, "yesss, precious". Well spit down their throats!! They should, as the poster says, shut the eff up. Because if this defeatist, quitter crap goes on and on to any kind of crescendo, and our troops, (yes, our troops, yours, mine and ours, no one gets to opt out), our trooops begin to wonder, "Well why should I risk my life for those REMF pansy assH****?" That's what it means to hurt morale. And I can think of little which is more immoral. So suck it up quitters. This is war. Shoot to kill, fight to win.

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