Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Strategic Redeployment...huh?

Just what the hell is it? Besides meaningless words. Dunkirk was an evacuation. Frozen Chosin was a withdrawl under fire. Washington's retreat from New York, however brilliantly executed, was a retreat. MacArthur's spiriting away from Corregidor in the Phillipines was the rescue of a brilliant commander. (The Dugout Doug epither is just that, an ugly, unwarranted slur.) The 'skedaddle' of Union troops in B.B.G. (battles before Grant) were skedaddles. None of these were redeployments. They were a moving out of harm's way, followed up by a moving back into harm's way.

The idea is to win. Kill all the terrorists. Smash to pieces all their networks. Dismantle their finances. Dishearten their supporters. Flatten their strongholds. Blow them up in their caves, houses and holes.

Redeploy them to Allah. Strategically, of course.

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