Thursday, November 30, 2006

Throw Ummah from the Plane

The 'Flying Immans' were just praying 'eh? I believe that. Or they were the moderate Moo-slims, standing up not blowing up, hmm? I believe that too. After all, Jesus Himself counsels us to go into our closets to pray, not puffing ourselves up in public like the Pharisees, who make a great show of their piety. Translated from the Arabic, airport terminal is closet. I believe that too. I like to sing on airplanes. The shower noise of a Boeing 737 beautifies my five note range exquisitely. Some people like to sing in French. I think America the Beautiful drowns out allahu-Akbar better than the massaging shower head. Little sung verse three is nice:

O beautiful for heroes proved In liberating strife. Who more than self their country lovedAnd mercy more than life! America! America! May God thy gold refine Till all success be nobleness And every gain divine!

Just imagine Victor is saying "Play America the Beautiful. PLAY IT!"

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