Friday, December 01, 2006

Frogs Spontaneous from Mud

I forget, and disremember. What is the geneology of the ISG? I know it was not a Virgin birth. Did they spring, fully born from the head of James Baker when Zeus struck him with an ax, or spontaneously emerge from the mud and slime, trailing clouds of slime, mud and glory after them? Which was it? If the whole lot of them appeared nude on a calender, Famous Commissions in the Buff, (along with the Warren Commission, the 9-11 Commission, The Watergate Crue, The Teapot Domers, McCarthy and the UnAmericans, the Who Lost China queue, Inquiries into Antietem, & all the rest running back to Benedict Arnold and Major Andre.) I might think more of them as more of them is revealed, visible evidence that their backsides and ideas are equally fresh and lively. Or they might appear on the cover of The National Enquirer in pajamas, thus confirming or refuting the rumor that James Baker naps in zippered up Kermit-the-Frog nighties with feet, and Sandra Day snoozes in old neoprene hipwaders with the stocking feet cut off so her toes can breathe, and a t-shirt that reads, "Assimilate this Harriet!".

Their next task? Retasking the necessities implementing the use of hydrogen hydroxide in the directional parameters governing flow and impacts of the first Law of Plumbing . Like I said, trailing clouds of slime.

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