Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another Excerpt

Lieutenant Ramsey's War
"War had finally broken out in Europe, a fact that neither surprised nor animated me. From my boyhood I had been a staunch conservative, and I regarded Roosevelt and the New Dealers with the same disdain that I reserved for the isolationists and the appeasers. The Fascists, however, I viewed with alarm.
There was a German exchange student enrolled ot OU, a strident Nazi of the Hitler Youth, and his incessant tirades infuriated and disgusted me. Some of my friends and I had tried at first to debate with him, but ideology had made him immune to reason. My experience of him confirmed my belief that only the threat of massive force could hold tyrants in check, and in this, I felt, the free world was woefully failing. Weakness had made war inevitable; we could only hope that the oceans would keep it away."
Hmm...will oceans of denial keep it away?

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