Wednesday, December 06, 2006

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How to Judge?Again, while there are variances, these are the general antitheses about our present war. The current majority view is slowing gaining ascendancy in policy-making circles. It reflects a general weariness on the part of the American people, who are daily bombarded with stories of anti-Americanism abroad, IED explosions in Iraq, and more mayhem on the West Bank. All that gloom and doom contributes to this feeling that we have already done enough, if not too much, and can, with more or less relative security, return to the status of the pre-September 11 world.Like all wartime debates, the final arbiter will be the battlefield. If realist diplomacy, an end to the Bush Doctrine, withdrawal from Iraq, renewed pressure on Israel, and a rescinding of security measures can avoid another 9/11, prevent Middle East nuclear proliferation, deflate radical Islam’s appeal, and corral hostile regimes from gaining regional ascendancy, then the majority view may prove correct.But if, on the other hand…well, you know the answer, and my own views on the matter.
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An Oops, they were wrong,
A 2 million-Cambodian-dead variety
Savagery Erupts
by me.
What few nuances will cap that 'growing insurgency', 'increasing savgery', 'attacks by militants', 'mass bombings'? Will it be swept away by blaming the usual suspect?

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