Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Divisible by Zero

I've been thinking about the house vote, the non-binding, non-sensed nonsense. The language is, of course, a contradiction. (In the film A Man for All Season's, Paul Scofield as Sir Thomaas More says about the act his refusal to sign eventually leads to his death, "It will mean what the words say.") How is it possible to vote yes or no on a contradiction? How can one be for and against the same things at once? Numbers are not divisible by zero. What has become of the consciences of these who "were once men"?
In the same way that all the Dhims are running against the President, and all their own votes from the recent past, and recanting all they once vigorously believed, the honest and upright statesman has wide territory he can claim. A principled "I am not them" ought to suffice.

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