Saturday, February 03, 2007

"I Oppose the Nouns, I Support the Verbs"

Schizophrenia. Two minds. Headline warfare. Hatred, opposition. Things, passivity, actions.

I hate the phrase, "the war". White dwarf stars and starlets blinking out "I hate the war!" make an object of a condition or state of things. "The war" as a 'thing' does not exist. What we hate is warfare. No one says of winter, "I oppose the temperature!! "What we hate about winter is the cold, cold hands, cold ears, cold feet in bed.

On a balmy Sunday after church services President Coolidge when asked "What'd the Preacher speak on?" replied "Sin". "What'd he say?" Coolidge, "He's agin' it." I oppose winter; winter seems not to notice. I hate sin; the sinners seem not to care. Such Senatorial gas giants as Clinton, Hegel & Biden, and the talking luminaries of Sarandon, Robbins, Penn, Fonda(!) oppose "the war"with shouts and songs, resolution & rhyme: "We're agin' it! Now! Get out! Rah ha ha! Pout! Pout! Pout!". Terrorists, those vile creatures of Death and the outer darkness, could care less. Regarding their policy, "Death! We're a for it!!" Against the black holes of the terrorists gas giants, white dwarfs, slogans and nouns do not prevail. Verbs are required.

I oppose the nouns, I support the verbs. The verbs:

Platoon, Company K, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, and Soldiers of the Iraqi Security Forces patrol the streets of Haditha, Iraq in search of terrorists and terrorist activities throughout the city. USMC photo by Cpl. Kevin N. McCall, 2d Marine Division Combat Camera

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