Saturday, June 16, 2007

"Oh my God! What Have I Done?"

We all know this moment. The enormity of Colonel Nicholson's blunder hits him like an axe to the forehead.

My very blunt point; look at the flashing photos just to the right.

What must crash down upon you, upon us, to let go the pettiness of lefist ideology, the progressives of Minnesota, the victim culture, the "feelings matter above everything nonsense", the chatterings of the corpse feeders of the press and all the rest. Greenies. Catholic hating rainbow "god is Gay" crap, and any and all the assorted nonsense of the contemporary visage? The Goracles and the World's Warming to its Doom Dumbasses. Vapid non-reality Reality TV, dancers, idols and all the assorted images from Hell. The thug culture, its rude, booming cars, sounds of the pit-hip-hop crap, pants falling down, hats on sideways, boys-not-men nonsense. Children without fathers, suckling at the teat of the state...etcetera, ercetera.

Must I go on? I, for one, do not want to have millions of Americans come to any, "My God, what do we do now?" moments if anthrax swirls through Phoenix, or Ak rounds puncture children on an outing to the Mall of America, or Americans kidnapped in Rockford appear on YouTube begging to be rescued- "Please pay the ransom!!! They have serrated knives."

However, I remain discouraged and pessimistic. Sorry for the gloom.

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