Friday, June 01, 2007

The ProstitutionBustsImmigrationBosomsArrests

RT "not a Mayor, not to some people who can tell the difference between a buffoon and an elected official"-Ryback:"The line between what is prostitution and what is immigration was blurry," Rybak replied, answer this question please-

Since Minneaopolis policy "prohibits police from becoming involved in routine immigration enforcement, where immigration is the main issue. Immigrants in the city won't cooperate with the police if they fear deportation, the reasoning goes," what would you do if the FBI stopped and then later released a suspect, and released this bit of pap: "Well, we knew this man was wanted in Minneapolis for child murder and arson, but we don't do the arrest or enforcement work for Minneapolis. We want those wanted by city and state authorities to feel safe to talk to us about federal crimes without fear of arrest."

How 'bout that, Artie?

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