Saturday, June 02, 2007

Walking on Water, and ICE. The Sleep numbed 44.

Why do they write like this? Why? How? Where is the cohesion in these what the press calls stories? There is no chronological sequence. No sequence of ideas. Blurted quotes follow on fast non sequitars, pronouncements arise, statements appear and all this comes as other concerns are addressed, feelings felt most strongly reported are reported, commented on, and surmised. I think.

“…confusion that arose…” What? Like bubbles of methane arising from decomposing vegetation at the bottom of a lake?

“…immigration agents made…arrests…” Immigration agents only? Katherine Kersten (link) tells us the BCA and the St. Paul Police were also there. But the Minneapolis police were absent. Absent? At the disrupting of a prostitution insurgency?

“Sunday, the day after the raid, a group of immigration-rights activists held a protest at the intersection of Lake St. and Bloomington Ave. south, where a number of Latinos had been arrested.” Protesters arose…? How many were there? A number of…? Who were they? Why Lake St. and Bloomington Ave. South? Latinos arrested for what? When? Arrested by whom? Confusion arises. What did the activists signs say? “Release the sluts, I was in line”? “Sex-boarding is not a crime”? “Keep your laws off my girl’s bodies”?

“The protesters said they were upset that Minneapolis police appeared to be violating police department policy…” And the KARE 11 reporter believed them? The Minneapolis police were not at the raid. It appears more very confusing is arising. According to some, though not all.

Meanwhile, back at the previous day’s news conference, on Monday, the day before the day after the raid on Saturday, and before the activists’ parade on Sunday, at the intersection of Lake St. and Bloomington Ave. South, where “…a federal indictment on prostitution …” arose, “Minneapolis police have since said they were on the scene simply to help with crowd control.” What scene? The press conference, the raid, or the parade? Were they just passing by and happened to notice a crowd of Questions Surrounding Palouse? Although confusion “by any other name” would not have arisen, it might have arose.

“As the news conference was happening Monday afternoon, …R.T. Rybak and Police Chief Tim Dolan were e-mailing the media to say, as they’ve said before, that Minneapolis police officers ‘will not enforce immigration policy’ “. As they’ve said before what? As they have said previously…? Which media? What is the full text of the emails? Where is the hyperlink, KARE 11? Show us. All very confusing. The story trail has wandered from Monday, to the weekend raid, to Sunday’s activists’ parade, back to Monday, forward in time back to the conference happening where emails were being sent to “The Media”. And the headline read “Questions Surround Palouse “. She may have been surrounded, but Scott Goldberg, seems to have been overrun. A spontaneous uprising of confusion. Which arose. Amidst questions.

“The mayor and chief said immigrants need to be able to trust officers who patrol the neighborhood.” Comforting to hear the officers are patrolling the neighborhoods. If “immigrants” trust in the officers’ patrolling increases with the knowledge they will not be arrested as illegal immigrants, that trust ought to just skyrocket if the patrols are eliminated altogether. Then there would most assuredly be no confusion about the purpose of the police presence. Doubt evaporated. The police absolutely will not be complicit in any illegal raids upon any illegal activities in any neighborhood in which the use of the word “Police”, on the shirts of ICE agents, “…because that word can be confusing and ‘damage our ability to protect and serve our citizens’ (Ryback and Dolan) said.” Very comforting. Those happy illegals can get back to their task of providing the services of illegal women to the needs of the protected and serviced line-up of the 44 men a night, without any feelings of mistrust. Or unease. “Hi. I’m a happy sex slave. I've been sleep-numbed by 44.”

“Another source of confusion Monday was a press release put out by Rachel Paulose’s office.” Was this releasing happening during the press conferencing, though surrounded by questions, as the Mayor and Police chief were releasing their surrounding press releases by email to “The Media”, or just after? Confusion has a source? Doesn’t it just “arose”? Ah! Mr. Goldberg is protecting his sources no doubt.

“The official news release listed the immigration status of the 25 people indicted… That caught the attention of reporters, who noted it is not common practice to reveal the immigration status of someone charged with a crime like prostitution, something that is not legal, regardless of whether the person charged is a U.S. citizen.” Common practice among whom? With what crimes is it common practice to reveal? Immigration violations? Maybe if the trafficked women were all named Lena, or Betty, sure. But pesos, colons, reales or lempiras to Lutefisk says the women’s names didn’t end in “Yah, sure”, or their night’s work end with reporters noticing all the wet spots on the mattress. They are too focused upon what is, and is not practiced commonly to tell sex slavery from immigration raids and activists’ parades.

And while “Meanwhile Palouse attempted to sort through the confusing nature of the weekend’s events “ (isn’t her first name Rachel?), “reporters were anxious to ask here about the ongoing investigation into the hiring and firing practices of her boss…”. Reporters are always anxious. That’s not news. Or shouldn’t be. What was the emotional state of the sleep numbered, never sleeping, numbed from it all, women? Whose common practice ought never to have included the words “44 men” and “in one night”. Are their names expected to “…come up Wednesday, when former Gonzales aide Monica Goodling testifies before the House Judiciary Committee.”? Maybe if one of the women was named Natallee Holloway it might have “caught the attention of reporters”.

Oh the confusing nature of the weekend’s events. Made more confusing by the written accounts. How did reporting on the arrest of a nasty prostitution ring, run by international criminals, using smuggled into the country women as sex slaves, plus the inept policies of official Minneapolis Mayordom (mayor-dumb?) end up with Alberto Gonzales? How is one connected with the other? Just like this. Start with Gonzales. Close your eyes. Count to one hundred while writing backwards. Open your eyes. Voila! A trail, a path. A clear connection from here to there and back again. As clear as the sun! A path in fresh snow. The connection is so apparent, so, not arose confusion arising. Until springtime. That clear path crossed a lake or two, oops. What are those signs I see, floating on the water?

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