Friday, August 10, 2007

Mayoring and 'Caring'

Last Wednesday or Thursday, RT Ryback, Mayor of the Green Emerald City spoke on televisioin about 'caring'. I do not have the transcript, but he said something like, "The community needs to care not just for a week or a two, we need them to care for a year...two years..." Uh huh. Just what is needed, a call for narcissistic uselessness. If 'caring' is so important, then the Mayor himself should lead a campaign to snare federal $$$$$$$$$ to install dedicated phone lines and computer backed-up answering systems into the houses of every family who lost a member in the bridge collapse, everyone who knows someone who lost a family member in the bridge collapse, everyone who 'cares' about anyone who knows someone that may have lost anyone in the bridge collapse, and every other single person in the entire metro area who read about the bridge collapse, saw the bridge collapse, knows where the bridge was, can find the City of Minneapolis on a map aor has heard about the "dark, swirling waters of the Mississippi River", so all of us can leave messages telling one another how much we 'care', for the next two years...a sort of "Windows of Caring" event.

Artie, care is not prayer.

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