Friday, August 10, 2007

Grief not Closure

"Families will get closure...", "Closure...", "Another body pulled....closure". Will billboards be pulled onto the roofs of buildings, "Got closure?"...? Relatives and families of the dead will not get closure; they will learn what happened to their missing father, son, mother or daughter. The palpable empty nothing of not knowing will untangle into dense, light cannot escape its gravity grief. Didn't Lincoln lead the country in grieving during the Civil War? Did not Golda Meir lead her country in grieving after terrorists murdered the Olympic athletes in Munich, in 1972? All language less than rituals of grief for the dead shame and banish grief, as if it were some drooling cripple, muttering shattered curses, from whom we look away, masquerading the stone in the stomach.

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