Saturday, September 08, 2007

Catching Up, This & That

A small thing, but I've heard many comments on Fred Thompson's decision to announce on Leno and skip the debate. (Of course he made the debate anyway, as Rudy, Romney, McCain et. al. talked up his absence.) But he's now somewhat immune from the Drive-By smear of "Won't appear on Fox", because the Dhim's also didn't and won't appear on Fox. Where Drive-By logic is, there(their?) also lies tortue. Can they say, "Well, the Democrats don't want to appear on the mouthpiece of the Republican attack machine"? Perhaps not. They will continue posturing objective and non-biased. It's a subtle point, but this admits their bias. The Democrat candidates have gone and will go where they are among friends. No..?
From a T-shirt ad I saw on another blog: "People that hate guns haven't met enough people that deserve to be shot." Heh. I read something similar in Robert Kaplan's book, Imperial Grunts. An Army Captain, (I believe) said, "We'll seduce who we can and kill the rest."
Also heard on the radio, a caller said, "Yes, but it gets cars off the road". It, was 'mass transit', trains, light rail. .."Swimmin' pools, movie stars". The reactionary, progressives again desiring to impose their private policy preferences on us all by governmental fiat. (Fiat, not the car, "Fix It Again Tony", though also Italian for unrefusable offers). " Hmm", Mr. caller, "How do you know which cars should be gotten off the road?"
Bicycles get cars off the road. Big crowds of bi-(polar?)-cyclists blocking traffic attract police the way 55 gallon bins at State Fair food booths attract sweat bees. Don't carry the analogy and conclude police are sweat bees; Glocks and Smith & Wesson M&P's are nastier than sweat bees, although the attitudes of the bicyclists stink worse than the cans. I heard the "The police attacked us!" crap from the bees. Suppose a slightly Alzheimer-ish 81 years old grandmotherly driver, all of 5' 2", peering sometimes over, sometimes under the steering wheel, panicky at a bee in her car plowed into the crowd of bee-cyclers, instead of the brakes, hitting accelerate and Mindy Goodbye (aural pun in the last name) simultaneously, smashing spokes and Mindy, pinning her between the front grill of the pristine 1983 Buick Electra husband Al and she bought in 1982, and which she's driven alone since husband Al passed on in 2003, and a steel stoplight post. Will the "We own the streets" people object if 38 of their cadre, arriving late to the chaos and two miles away, manage to spontaneously block not only a few more cars, but a speeding ambulance? After all, they are "Getting cars off the road".
A second scenario for the peace loving "The police attacked us" whiners. For their next happening, the police, in a fit of pique and who would blame them, stay away from or arrive late for the traffic tie-up festivities. Members of Local post #1187, Big Mo's Ho-ho Skull Boy's, of that national fraternal order "We Be Thugs" swarm some of the "White ho's on thay bikes, dissin' us", restoring the respect due them with bricks, kicks and, from the subsequent police report "several black males forcibily raped". What will happen to the "Police attacked us" chants then? Hmmm....?

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