Monday, September 24, 2007

End the Slogan! Troupes Route Cows!!

"Troupes what?" you say. is as sensible as any other leftist shout. I could not attend the Union shout fest on Sunday. To answer the expected 'End the War' slogans I offer this one, "End terrorism! End Jihad!". Catchy, no? In imaginary dialogue with the left, I asked, "I have heard of wars being won or lost. Not war ended. What does that mean? Will the other side stop, and also go home? Will they stop killing Iraqi children? " Eventually the screaming and shouting will start. At the Saturday counter-protest several times I heard, "You can't talk to them", and "They just don't get it, idiots." "Them" was us. "Well" I says, "If we are such idiots, surely you can change our minds." "Screaming & shouting & +==*%%!!!" follow fast my question. (The lefts' positions are deeply felt, but thought out not an inch. The trick is tricking them into thought.) "Well" says I, "Do you expect to change my mind by screaming "What an idiot you are!" at me?" "Did you come to believe what you believe because someone shouted, screamed, and confirmed idiotness?", says I.

The rest, I suspect, will be silence. Though I once encountered a "Sign my 'Stop CVS Pharmacy!' petitioner" in the street. And stopped her with this question. "Instead of opposing CVS, why don't you just put limits on how much of any drugs they can sell.Then, when the quota is met, people will have to shop at the 'Little Pharma' across the street?" Deep silence, then this, "I don't think you can do that" she said.

I remain hopeful.

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