Saturday, July 16, 2005

Pertinent Scenes on Film

The Dinosaur Media's blindness, ("What was that flash of light in the sky?), and contempt for things military recalls a scene from Spartacus. (Link to entire script!) Following the defeat and slaughter of most of his garison, the Roman officer stands, helmetless, haggard and exhausted, bruised and bleary before his (much) higher Superior.

"After he talked to you, what happened then?"

'I was tied to a horse and lashed out of camp."

'How many ofyour company escaped?"

"Fourteen have reported thus far. I myself was taken prisoner in my own command tent. The camp was thoroughly infiltrated before an alarm could be sounded."

"Did you surround your camp with moat and stockade?"

"No. We arrived after sunset. Sentries were posted every ten paces.There was no reason to expect an attack by night. Then again, well, they... "


"They were only slaves."

In Ben Hur, Balthsar has been expostulating on the Goodness of Man. He leaves the tent for bed. Sheik Ilderim says to Charlton Heston, "Balthasar is a good man. but until all man are like him, we must keep our swords bright!"

Or as George Will once said, "Keep your powder dry and have lots of powder."

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