Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Confront the Enemy!

If we have no stomach for this fight, these people will have died in vain...

All 200 or so jumpers from the World Trade Towers.

All those who returned to dust when the Towers Collapsed.

The counter-attacking forces on United Airlines flight 93, volunteers to a man.

Michael "Johnny" Spahn.

Nick Berg.

Sgt. Adam Plumendore.

The Marines on Wake Island who, refusing to surrender to overwhelming Japanese forces in late December 1941, in their last communication to the outside world didn't say "A New Direction" but, when asked what they needed said, "Send more Japs!".

Those brave Minnesotans at Gettysburgh in 1863. Some other men with frozen bloody feet in a fierce Pennsylvania winter.

Americans are not quitters. The Democratic 'Leadership' are quitters. Therefore...? Their "New Direction" is not new. Just a twisting of the words "We can't do it, let's run away from this fight. vote for me. " And yes, it's about power. They love power above all things. For power they've changed their souls.

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